8 Things That Attract Mosquitoes – Don’t Be A Mosquito Magnet

Mosquitoes aren’t equal alternative biters! Whether out within the woods, tenting, climbing, or at dwelling within the yard, some individuals appear to truly entice mosquitoes! They are continually bit whereas others not a lot. Why is that?

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I first posted this text throughout 2013. It has been standard on search-engines each since. It’s that point of 12 months as soon as once more (mosquito season), so I’m re-publishing to your data.


Avoid this stuff:

1. Dark Colors

Wearing darkish garments will entice mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can see and use their imaginative and prescient to find targets from a distance. Most of their day-to-day targets will likely be discovered within the shade or inside foliage, so they’re naturally drawn to darkish colours. This signifies that they are going to be extra drawn to individuals carrying darkish clothes than individuals carrying gentle clothes. Ask me how I do know this!

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No odor! Not as ‘greasy’ as DEET spray:
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2. Fragrances

Are mosquitoes drawn to fragrance? Yes, fragrances are recognized to draw mosquitoes. Avoid fragrance, cologne, perfumed shampoos, hand lotions, soaps, cloth softeners, detergent, and so forth. Switch to as many unscented merchandise as you possibly can through the summer season to keep away from the mosquito chew.

3. Movement

Moving round will entice mosquitoes. They can see their victims from inside 30 ft by finding the adjustments in waves of sunshine round them, brought on by shifting objects.

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Another tip! I spray Permethrin on my hat – actually helps preserve mosquitoes from biting my head space. I additionally spray my garments if working open air whereas mosquitoes are biting.

4. Sweat

Perspiring will entice mosquitoes as a result of they want water to breed, and they’re naturally drawn to areas with increased humidity ranges. This consists of people who find themselves sweating. Perspiration may even dilute any mosquito repellents that you just might need utilized; making you extra enticing to mosquitoes.

5. Carbon Dioxide

Your respiration! This is a giant attractant – perhaps the most important. Your exhaled breath will entice mosquitoes huge time. Mosquitoes are attracted by areas which are increased in carbon dioxide (living-breathing animals, people). I’ve learn {that a} mosquito can ‘see’ carbon dioxide from 200 yards away!

Tip: Natural insect repellent, efficient as much as 6 hours:
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6. Body Heat

Mosquitoes have refined warmth sensors. They will likely be drawn to circulating blood in animals and people – their warmth. They comply with physique warmth and exhaled gases and fly to their goal!

7. Lactic Acid

It’s produced by our our bodies after we train or after we eat sure sorts of meals which are excessive in salt or potassium. Someone who’s sitting exterior consuming pretzels and a banana will entice extra mosquitoes than somebody who’s sitting exterior consuming watermelon.

Exercising causes your physique to do three issues that can make it entice mosquitoes. You are respiration tougher, which means you might be exhaling extra carbon dioxide; you might be sweating, which will increase the humidity round your physique; and you might be releasing extra lactic acid. You would possibly as nicely be carrying a neon signal asking all mosquitoes to chew you.

8. Urine

Does urine entice mosquitoes? Yes, urine attracts mosquitoes.

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