Community To Community- Aid To Puerto Rico – Green Party Of New Jersey

MRW I get into bed and get comfortable... only to hear a solo mosquito buzzing right in my earPallets and Shipping Materials, Bottled water, child wipes and diapers, canned meals, dry meals child method, rubbish luggage, towels, canned milk, canned and dry pet meals, child and grownup ache reduction medication, abdomen and diarrhea reduction medication, mosquito repellent, blankets, pillows, First assist equipment’s, laundry detergent, dish cleaning soap, batteries, toys, disposable utensils clothes flashlights, child, water filters, hand sanitizer, pet meals, hygiene kits non-electric Can Opener’s, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, turbines, female merchandise, disinfectants, transportable mobile phone chargers, acetaminophen, antibiotics, hydro-cortisone, anti-histamine, towels sheets and blankets nonperishable meals dry candles, rice, beans, powdered milk, cereal, nuts, flashlights, lanterns, candles, transportable radios, matches, tampons, alcohol, and bandages.

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