Create A Mosquito Free Garden

Mosquito PostHerbs aren’t simply helpful within the kitchen! Growing them within the backyard can assist deter mosquitoes and different bugs with their robust scents. Give the beneath herbs a go:

– Basil
– Chives
– Mint
– Rosemary
– Sage
– Lovely lemon herbs – lemon balm, lemon thyme and lemongrass


Not solely do marigolds assist crops that undergo from aphids and greenfly, they may also be planted to assist deter mosquitoes. Widely out there over the summer season months, marigolds additionally add a vibrant pop of color to your backyard!


In addition to it is therapeutic properties and huge makes use of in cooking, garlic may also be planted to repel mosquitoes as do not just like the scent of it.


Not just for cats! Catnip might be planted as a pure mosquito repellent. Just keep in mind to plant it away from vegetation that you don’t need cats drawn to.

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