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If you’ve been dwelling in Singapore or Southeast Asia lengthy sufficient, you’ll have heard of dengue fever. It’s prevalent in Singapore, with many dengue clusters popping up in neighbourhoods throughout city. There have been over 14,600 reported dengue circumstances in 2019, 5 instances greater than the yr earlier than – and the incidence of this disagreeable illness is predicted to rise even larger. Be ready, and don’t be one of many unfortunate ones!

What is dengue fever?

Mosquito Wristband, Mosquito Wristband Suppliers and Manufacturers at - 웹It’s a extreme, flu-like sickness that’s transmitted by the chunk of the Aedes mosquito.

What does an Aedes mosquito appear like?

It has black and white stripes on its physique.

It often takes 4 to seven days earlier than an individual contaminated with the virus begins to indicate signs. They would possibly expertise a sudden onset of fever (which may final for as much as seven days). This could be accompanied by complications, muscle and joint ache, lack of urge for food, nausea and a rash.

Can dengue fever be life-threatening?

Severe infections can result in dengue haemorrhagic fever, which causes bleeding and can lead to loss of life. However, statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO) declare that dengue haemorrhagic fever represented lower than one p.c of the 21,000 formally reported circumstances in Singapore between 2000 and 2004.

Is it infectious?

No, not person-to-person. The virus is handed on to people solely when they’re bitten by an infective feminine Aedes mosquito; likewise, the mosquito usually purchase the virus whereas feeding on the blood of an contaminated particular person.

What ought to I do if I believe I’ve dengue fever?

Visit a health care provider, relaxation and drink loads of fluids. Try to steer clear of areas the place there are mosquitoes, to keep away from being bitten and thus spreading the virus to different individuals. If you develop extreme ache or persistent vomiting, go to a hospital instantly.

Can I be immunised in opposition to it?

Currently, there are not any efficient vaccinations for dengue fever obtainable. Although a brand new vaccine referred to as Dengvaxia was launched for business use in 2019, healthcare professionals in Singapore discourage the vaccine from being pre-emptively administered to uninfected people, citing worsening signs after vaccination for these not beforehand contaminated with dengue.

There are 4 strains of the virus right here in Singapore; having been contaminated by one often provides lifelong immunity to solely that sort, however solely short-term immunity to the others.

When’s the height season for dengue fever in Singapore?

We are within the peak dengue season in Singapore, which often stretches from June to October, and the area round us is equally seeing an upsurge of dengue circumstances this yr.

Where are the dengue ‘clusters’ in Singapore now?

Here are some methods you’ll be able to forestall dengue fever:

#1 Use mosquito/insect repellent

Since dengue fever solely spreads by mosquito bites and can’t be transmitted from individual to individual, the strategies of stopping a dengue fever an infection are synonymous with methods of stopping mosquito bites. The first straightforward life hack is to commonly apply mosquito repellent or put on mosquito patches. Make certain you reapply as soon as each two to 3 hours, even in the event you’re in doorways.

You may additionally use mosquito rackets and bug traps, and spray insecticide in darkish corners, beneath the beds, behind sofas – wherever you’re prone to discover mosquitoes.

#2 Get rid of stagnant water

Ensure there is no such thing as a stagnant water in or round your property and backyard. Clear gutters, empty flowerpot plates, change the water in vases, preserve buckets over turned and cap bamboo pole holders, if any. They can change into breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

#3 Install mosquito screens

Install mosquito screens in your doorways and home windows so you’ll be able to preserve them open if you want. You may select to hold mosquito nets over your beds throughout mosquito season.

#5 Shower commonly

Mosquitoes are in a position to detect human sweat, warmth and breath. For instance, you’ll be notably vulnerable to mosquito bites after exercising. So, showering after a exercise can assist carry your physique temperature down and cut back sweat.

If, regardless of your finest efforts, you discover the next flu-like signs of dengue fever, it’s finest to see your physician:

  • Sudden excessive fever
  • Chills
  • Severe complications
  • Pain behind the eyes
  • Fatigue
  • Severe joint and muscle ache
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • A rash on the pores and skin that seems two to 5 days after the fever

When left untreated, signs could worsen to extreme dengue, with these life-threatening problems:

Severe belly ache
Persistent vomiting
Bleeding gums
Vomiting blood
Fatigue / restlessness
Severe organ impairment

Protecting your self in Singapore

Southeast Asia has varied well being dangers, dengue fever being considered one of them. Getting a non-public medical insurance plan for expats in Singapore is a good way to maintain your self coated amidst excessive prices of healthcare.

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