Do Bed Bugs Prefer Certain People?

Chris – Clive.

Rectangular Long Lasting Insecticide Mosquito Net(id:9191952). Buy China rectangular mosquito net, long lasting mosquito net, insecticide mosquito net - EC21 - 웹Clive – Bed bugs do seem to be really quite choosy. Time and time again, we hear a situation typically where we’ve got a couple of people and they say, “My wife gets bitten and I don’t” or “My husband gets bitten and I don’t”. we don’t fully understand that, but the reality is that bed bugs do appear to be quite choosy.

World's Biggest MosquitoChris – Rather like mosquitoes then because there are certainly mosquito attractive people and mosquito repellent people like my wife is an absolute magnet for them, I never get touched.

Clive – There are also people who don’t react to mosquito bites and those that do, and sometimes the differences are down to the sensitivity to the person, the reactivity of the person rather than to the choice of the bed bugs. So, there’s more work to be done in this area.

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