Does Mosquito Soap Work As An Insect Repellent

COLOGO Mosquito Nets: Buy COLOGO Mosquito Nets Online at Low Prices in India - Snapdeal - 웹Soap is an essential part of our lives. Soap is the thing that will clean off all of the dust, sweat, and dirt that we accumulate during the day. But did you know that there is a soap that also doubles as a mosquito repellent?

Well, now you do!

Feat. Mosquito

But the question is: do these mosquito soaps really work? Or are they a simple marketing trick, a placebo-effect object that only makes us think that it will repel mosquitoes and help us survive the summer without mosquito bites?

Many people think that mosquito repellent soap doesn’t really work and is only a trick, but the truth is that there are some mosquito soaps that actually work and that do a pretty good job at repelling mosquitoes for a quite long time. They can even last up to 6 hours if you use them in the morning.

These soaps contain the synthetic ingredients DEET and permethrin. Of course, there might be some mosquito soaps on the market that don’t do absolutely anything, but there are also some that are really efficient.

Most mosquito repellent soaps feature many natural ingredients such as essential oils that have some anecdotal evidence of mosquito repellent activity.

It should be noted that essential oil mosquito repellent soaps have not been tested for efficacy. It is best to choose a DEET and/or permethrin-based soap as they have been scientifically tested.

Furthermore, DEET and permethrin are EPA-registered insect repellents. Most essential oils are not.

For example, common mosquito soap ingredients include citronella oil, eucalyptus oil, and lavender oil, all of which have a scent that some mosquitoes don’t like.

As many of these essential oils also have different special properties, such as anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory or immune response activation, these soaps may not only repel mosquitoes but can also relieve the itching and pain from older insect bites. This is always a bonus because we all know how annoying and itchy mosquito bites can be.

An emerging soap developed by a company in Burkina Faso, Faso soap, is made with Shea butter, lemongrass, African marigold, and other proprietary ingredients. It has not been tested yet, but it is being developed to combat malaria across Africa.

You should use mosquito repellent soaps before you plan to spend time outdoors, that is, before picnics, working outdoors or outdoor parties.

It’s recommended that you use the soap in the morning so that the scent from the soap is fresh on your skin as that is when it works the best.

The best soaps that actually work are:

FaceDoctorX Anti-Mosquito Repellent Soap: Made with all-natural herbal extracts that will repel mosquitoes as well as relieve insect bites and their itching.
Osana All-Natural Mosquito Repellent Soap: This soap is made with only natural ingredients and features a unique blend of essential oils that will keep the mosquitoes away.
Skin Armour anti-mosquito Soap: This soap features eucalyptus, citronella, lavender and a few other fragrances that will repel mosquitoes while relieving itching. It can even relieve tired muscles.

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