Douglas County Mosquito Abatement District

Douglas County Mosquito Abatement is considered an essential service to help maintain public health. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are following strict protocols as set by the Covid-19 directives and by our District. As we adhere to those protocols, we will continue our service as best as we can. We are surveying and larviciding areas where we have found larvae.

MFW I'm tracking a mosquito waiting for it to land.

We would like to remind people to monitor your property for water that may accumulate and stand for more than a couple of days. Please empty those and any containers that have accumulated water to lessen the breeding habitats for mosquitoes. We suggest homeowner use barrier sprays and wear mosquito repellent when you are outside at dawn or dusk to protect yourselves. There is more information on barrier sprays on the Owner Responsibility Page. There is more information about personal sprays on the West Nile Page.

We have begun our mosquito trapping. Our Trapping Truck (shown here) will be in various neighborhoods in the late afternoon to set traps and to retrieve traps in the morning. Trapping serves several purposes. We determine the need for adulticiding based on our protocol of at least 50 mosquitoes per trap in a specific area along with the temperatures of at least 55, and not more than 70 degrees at the time of adulticiding (early morning or later evening). Winds must also be less than 7 MPH. We also identify and send the trap findings to the Nevada Department of agriculture for disease testing. Trapping is an important function for us as it helps us to monitor mosquito activity in different areas.

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