Enjoy A Mosquito-Free Summer

A mosquito coil - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) A mosquito coil - 웹Every season has its ups and downs, even essentially the most anticipated of all of them: summer time. Mosquitoes can flip a leisurely day right into a nightmare as a slew of them assault you from head-to-toe. Even one single chew can depart you itching and in discomfort for days. On the market since 1956, mosquito repellent is the go-to for steering clear of those annoying bugs.

But strolling round smelling like chemical compounds isn’t supreme, neither is subjecting your self to the antagonistic results of DEET in sprays. Truly, the entire expertise is a lose-lose scenario. For me, I really feel like I’m all the time the one who will get put beneath assault each time the mosquitoes come out, leaving me with two selections: to douse myself in spray or take care of it. I’ll let you know proper now, there’s no “dealing” with it. I merely find yourself operating indoors to the security of a mosquito-free setting.

If you’re something like this, you, too, could also be looking out for another technique for maintaining mosquitoes at bay. Enter Vitamin B1.

Also generally known as thiamine, Vitamin B1 is a vital vitamin your physique requires. Found in meals like yeast, oatmeal, brown rice, asparagus, kale, liver and eggs, it really works to struggle off stress and enhance immunity.

It’s How You Smell…

As far as utilizing Vitamin B1 for repelling mosquitoes, it has the flexibility to alter the way in which you scent to them, as folks with sufficient of the vitamin of their system can scent “yeasty” to the buggers, which is an unappealing aroma for them to sink their fangs into. But don’t fear! You received’t have folks on the get together saying, “Wow, one thing smells tremendous yeasty!” as a result of it doesn’t change the way in which you scent to different people.

While analysis on that is nonetheless inconclusive, it’s value a strive, since there are not any antagonistic unintended effects to take thiamin each day. And for anybody affected by decrease thiamine within the body-like these with persistent alcoholism, Crohn’s illness, anorexia and gastric bypass already, it might show to be a win-win.

To give it a go, strive taking 100 mg of thiamin each day. After two weeks time, you need to discover a lower in bites by mosquitoes.

Alternative: DIY Mosquito Repellent Recipe

And if taking thiamine isn’t within the playing cards for you, go for this all-natural mosquito repellent recipe, so that you don’t topic your self to the downsides of DEET.

All Natural Mosquito Repellent


– Tea tree oil
– Lavender oil
– Witch hazel
– Cooled boiled water
– Instructions


– Fill an 8oz. spray bottle midway with boiled water (permit it to chill down first!)
– Add ½ tsp of witch hazel
– Add 15 drops of tea tree oil
– Add 15 drops of lavender oil
– Use as wanted


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