Excel Others By Knowing Which Things To Pack For A Trip

mosquitoOne pouch each for hiking shoes, athletic shoes, outdoor flip-flops and indoor flip-flops. It is possible to reduce this down to two pairs of shoes (hiking shoes and one pair of flip-flops).
Maybe a sleeping bag liner with its own pouch.
Washbag for toiletries
Pouch for additional supplies like sun cream, mosquito repellent, medication, condoms, etc.
One or two bags for additional stuff and technical gear with the following contents: Waterproof reserve bag for swimming on your own in places without secured facilities, normal reserve bag, a few 35 litre plastic bags for emergencies of all kinds, travel adapter, maybe spare rechargeable batteries, maybe a mobile phone charger (if you don’t just want to charge via USB on the laptop), cables for the camera and mobile phone, USB flash drive for data exchange, sunglasses in protective case, maybe a shower cap (available in good hotels), maybe an emergency sewing kit (available in good hotels), torch, spare earplugs, small padlock with keys, whistle, etc.
Using reinforced shirt carriers (pack-it-folder) for the transport of necessary travel document copies is one of my favourite vacation packing tips:
Like this a copy of the personal information page of the passport, a copy of the front and back of all payment and ID cards, copies of all travel insurance policies (illness, transport to country of residence in an emergency, maybe an emergency assistance, maybe a travel legal expense insurance), passport pictures for visa en route, maybe a notepad, maybe any documentation of medical treatments (for insurance claims or to inform your doctor at home about the treatment during the trip), copy of the immunisation passport, copy of blood type identification, etc. will be properly protected from wrinkling.
In the side pocket: Two protective covers in a pouch for boat transport and rain, one for travel luggage, one for hand luggage and a strap for the travel luggage bag.

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