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小葱皮蛋豆腐【mosquito私家小厨】Established in 2015 Excel Repel are researching, marketing and distributing a range of natural, Eco-friendly and affordable products for dogs, cats, horses and a fantastic midge and mosquito repellent for ourselves too.

We are now stocked in some great independent pet shops for our range of pet products and our insect repellent is also stocked in a number of campsites and fishing tackle shops across the UK and Europe. If you would like to become a stockist please do get in touch.

Our insect repellent has been stringently tested for effectiveness as well as being dermatologically tested, it has been proven to repel mosquitoes for a minimum of 7 hours.

Harun Yahya Islam The Miracle In The Mosquito - 웹Unlike many effective insect repellents it is safe to use on toddlers and pregnant women, has a non greasy feel and a pleasant smell. If you have time, have a look at our project in Brazil for more information.

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