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With its Commonwealth ties, Canada attracts British travellers from across The Pond for its wealth of wild outdoor territory and invigorating cities like Quebec City, Toronto and Vancouver. Without a car, it is difficult to see much of anything beyond the city centre, so get prepared with these useful travel tips.

How to take the itch out of mosquito bites.

Canada contact numbers
Country Code: (+1)
British High Commission: +1 613 237 1530
Emergency services: 911

Money matters
The local currency is the Canadian dollar (C$). Foreign currency can easily be exchanged at most large bank branches. Major credit cards are readily accepted by most businesses, while travellers’ cheques are best cashed at local banks. ATMs are easy to find and most accept international bank cards though often with a transaction fee.

Health and safety
Most of the health risks in Canada stem from nature. Be prepared with plenty of water and snacks when venturing into the wilderness for a hike. West Nile virus, the mosquito-borne disease, surfaces every summer so always bring mosquito repellent for the outdoors. Most Canadian cities are safe though common sense concerning valuables and night strolls should be maintained.

Fitting in…
Many Canadians descended from British ancestors, so there is a certain familiarity here for travelling Brits. In general, Canadians are legendary for their relaxed, welcoming attitude, so expect a fun trip. In Quebec, it’s another story. This province is totally French in language, custom and attitude. It’s a beautiful, impressive area but be prepared to use what French language skills you have.

Visas for Canada
All citizens of Commonwealth countries like the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland can visit Canada without a pre-arranged visa. An entry stamp valid for a six-month stay is issued upon arrival.

Canada’s electricity runs on 110-120 Volts, which means visitors from the UK, Australia and Asia need to bring a transformer for their electrical devices from home. New electronics can use a universal plug adapter that will fit into the North American Type B outlets.

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