From Croatia To Montenegro: Gorgeous Trails Through The Idyllic Islands Of The Dalmatian Coast

The hikes that are proposed during our cruises are 2 to 5 hours walks, implying changes in altitude that range between 150 and 850 meters (500 to 2800 ft.) depending on the destination. During the hike, you’ll get a chance to see and discover some of the natural and cultural areas on your cruise’s program.
The lengths of time indicated for the hikes in the program are given as rough estimates and do not include time taken for breaks.
No athletic training is necessary for these hikes, but you should be in good shape and well-rested to fully enjoy this cruise.

Equipment needed
You’ll need to bring a backpack (max 30 liters / 1,830 cubic inches) to carry the things you’ll need for the hike: sweater, raincoat, picnic, bottle of water and sunscreen.
So that you’ll be comfortable and enjoy your hike, make sure that you choose a good backpack. We recommend a backpack that is well-made and of the appropriate size, with padded straps, and made of strong fabric that is waterproof. You must carry all materials for your hike yourself, as no porter services are provided.

Most importantly, you should bring a pair of good-fitting, comfortable shoes. It is best that you use these shoes prior to leaving for your cruise. It is important that you be comfortable in them.
Regardless of the level of difficulty of the hike, your shoes should have a good quality, well sewn-on and non-slip sole for wet or uneven terrain. It is best to choose shoes that provide ankle support and that have shock-absorbing soles to prevent injury to ankles, and back and joint problems.

mosquito repellent reClothes
You’ll be well-prepared for your hike with these essentials:
Undergarments / base layers that are appropriate for the planned hike
Lightweight, quick-drying pants
Warm sweater or fleece jacket
Rain poncho or raincoat
Hat or cap
Thin gloves and a knit cap for the beginning and the end of the season

Do not forget to bring:
Small personal first-aid kit (refer to the following paragraph)
Water bottle
Toilet paper
Folding knife
Telescoping hiking poles if you are used to using them

First-aid needs
Your guide will have a first-aid kit for each hike.
Even so, you must bring your own first-aid kit, which differs according to the destination, but will at least include:
Plastic strip bandages
“2nd Skin” or similar blister treatment bandages
Pain reliever
If necessary, mosquito repellent
Eye drops
Anti-diarrhea medication, etc.
You should also include any of your personal medication that you require (prescriptions, for example).

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