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Mosquito Lamp - Smithsonian American Art Museum Mosquito Lamp - 웹What could be more normal than to take care of the nature that hosts us? No more disposable plates, it’s never been easier to be green when camping! Here are some essentials to have in your bag so that your furry, feathered and scaly neighbours will thank you!

Natural products

Dish soaps, sunscreen, mosquito repellents and other commercial products contaminate the rivers, the soil and the atmosphere, as well as being unhealthy. This is true at home, but even more so when camping, when you find yourself in direct contact with the elements. Before diving into the lake or throwing your dishwater into the undergrowth, use only products made with natural ingredients that are not harmful to the environment.

Cleaning produits

Collapsible dishes

No reason to bring piles of styrofoam or paper plates and glasses when camping dishes is so light and easy to clean! Cups, bowls and other kitchen items have long been available in collapsible format to take up as little space as possible in your luggage and last a long time. What are you waiting for to get equipped?


Water bottles and filters

Don’t buy any more single use plastic bottles! A water bottle and a water filter are all you’re going to need to fill up at a dubious tap or at any sparkling spring or waterfall. Several models exist to suit all budgets and types of use.

Water bottles & containers

Water filters & purification systems

Bags for sorting waste

Of course, we would prefer to achieve the famous zero waste, but until we get there, bring at least three bags in which you can separately dispose of garbage, recyclable waste and compostable food. Even banana peels, exotic to our regions, are disrupting the ecosystem. So, don’t leave anything behind, and wait until you see appropriate containers to dispose of your waste.

Environmentally responsible camping equipment

In response to the environmental crisis, many brands are now designing tents, sleeping bags, floor mats, clothing and camping accessories in a more environmentally friendly way, using, for example, recycled materials or solar energy. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and make informed choices!


Mats & furnitures

Sleeping bags


mosquito repellent ❥ #Love #Gratitude ~ ❥ALSO check-out http://godsgarde… - Mosquito repellent, Mosquito, Diy mosquito repellent - 웹This may seem obvious, but the species that coexist with us all deserve our respect. Respecting wildlife means staying on the trails rather than trampling on the virgin soil, speaking in a low voice, never feeding animals to avoid making them sick or disrupting their long-term behaviour, picking nothing without specific intent and avoiding disturbing, harming or destroying in general. Simple, no?

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