How To Burn Used Coffee Grounds For Mosquito Repellent

Mosquitos are the worst. A pleasing yard barbecue will be ruined by the little bloodsuckers. When mosquitos are round, you’re too busy swatting on the bugs to get pleasure from meals and dialog.

The worst half is that they will carry severe viruses like Zika. Some individuals are even allergic to mosquitos, making their bites extra than simply annoying.

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As terrible as mosquitos are, most repellants available on the market are additionally fairly terrible. If you spend lots of time exterior throughout mosquito season, you’ll be able to spend a ton of cash shopping for these sprays. Even worse than the fee is the truth that they are often dangerous to your well being.

mosquito VS laserAs unlikely because it sounds, the answer is espresso grounds! According to the EPA, espresso grounds are a protected and efficient approach to hold pests away. Coffee grounds will help repel not solely mosquitos but additionally different annoying bugs like wasps and bees.

Why are espresso grounds efficient? Most bugs have a really robust sense of odor. Coffee grounds have a robust odor however it’s even stronger when they’re burned.

This odor will trouble the pests and hold them away. Insects additionally typically affiliate smoke with hazard, so the smoke alone is a sign to them to search out shelter elsewhere.

How to Burn Coffee Grounds for Mosquito Control

This easy trick my dad taught me will do away with these pesky bloodsuckers for good.

Let’s get began…

1.) Start with dry grounds


Make positive you all the time use dry grounds. Then place them in a bowl coated with foil and go away it in a cool, darkish place till the grounds are utterly dry.

2.) Use an Old Bowl

Place the grounds both in a bowl or on a flat floor (like a bit of aluminum foil) exterior.

3.) This is the toughest half

Burn the grounds such as you would burn incense. This takes time so be affected person. Find a gradual burning piece of wooden in case you can’t get it to kindle. Always ensure your espresso grounds are dry!

4.) Set It and Forget It

Choose a spot upwind of your location for greatest outcomes.

5.) Add Bay Leaves

For an additional dose of repellent, add recent bay leaves to the hearth.

Extra Tip

For an outside occasion, you may need to arrange a number of of those burning stations surrounding the world of the gathering

Using espresso grounds to maintain mosquitos away is the very best mosquito repellent. It’s extraordinarily low cost, particularly in case you’re already a espresso drinker and have grounds available. It’s extremely straightforward to do. It’s solely pure and far safer than any business product.

Most importantly, it’s extraordinarily efficient! Here are another methods you’ll be able to do away with mosquitoes naturally.

Want to See This Trick in Action? Watch the Video Below!

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