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户外灭蚊器灭蚊磁 mosquitomagnetOne important limitation should be noted about essential oils. They only last for two to three hours at a time.

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As long as you understand this point, you won’t be disappointed with the result you obtain using essential oils as an insect repellent.

Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus

Oil of lemon eucalyptus is one home remedy you can put together yourself.

  1. Get an 8 oz spray bottle
  2. Pour about one teaspoon of lemon eucalyptus oil
  3. Mix oil thoroughly with one cup of warm water
  4. Spray the mixture around problem areas

Apply this spray to all the entrances to the house; the windows, doors, plumbing intrusions, etc. You can also spray it on your clothes.

Lemon eucalyptus oil is a natural mosquito repellent that will repel some of the mosquitoes. You can also purchase it in a premixed product called Repel. It comes in a 4 oz pump spray bottle that can be slipped into your backpack and taken with you.

Tea Tree Oil

Another essential oil that is useful for repelling mosquitoes is tea tree oil. Mix a teaspoon of it with a cup of warm water. Put it in an 8 oz spray bottle and get after them.

Lavender Oil

Natural repellents such as lavender oil can also be used to repel mosquitoes. Mix a teaspoon of it with a cup of warm water and use an 8 oz spray bottle to spray the sensitive areas of your house where mosquitoes can gain entrance.

Catnip Oil

Yes, you read it correctly. This is a recent (and surprising) addition to the list of essential oils that are repellents for mosquitoes, flies, and other biting insects. This is the same catnip that drives cats crazy. Now catnip oil doubles as a bug spray.

There’s some actual research on this one too. It has been shown to be effective at repelling nuisance insects. It’s not 100% of course, but the research is heartening.

  1. Get an 8 oz spray bottle
  2. Drop about 20 drops into the bottle
  3. Mix thoroughly with 1/2 cup of water
  4. Spray around problem areas

Apply this mix same way you use the other essential oils; around the windows, doors, and cracks and crevices where bugs can gain entrance to your house.

Wondercide Natural Indoor Pest Control Spray

Another useful natural mosquito repellent is Wondercide. It is a mix of cedarwood, lemongrass, and sesame oil. There is also a peppermint variety.

These natural repellents come premixed in a 32 oz spray bottle that is ready to use.

It can be sprayed inside the house or outside. Treat around all the windows, door, plumbing intrusions, and electrical intrusions. Any area where there is a crack or crevice that mosquitoes can squeeze through needs to be sprayed.

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