How To Get To Siem Reap And Angkor Wat

Got 18 Mosquito Bites And A Bee Sting While Taking These Pics➡ Getting a tuk-tuk driver is not the same as hiring a guide to accompany you around Angkor Wat. Tuk-tuk drivers will drop you on one side of a temple, and meet you on the other once you’re done. We preferred to explore by ourselves, but there are plenty of guides hovering around each temple if you want someone.

Neato Mosquito.➡ There is only one place to buy your entrance to Angkor Wat, and that is at the Official Angkor Ticket Centre. Do not buy tickets or tours from unauthorized people; this is the only place you can buy them.

➡ Your driver can take you to the ticket office on the day you want to enter the park. If you’re going for sunrise though you’ll need to buy tickets the day before, after 4pm. If you buy your ticket after 4 pm, you can get in for free that day to catch the sunset.

➡ Angkor Wat tickets are sold as a one, three, or seven day pass. I genuinely believe that you need more than one day to see the whole park, especially if you’re hoping to see both sunrise and sunset. As such, we bought a 3 day pass, valid for any 3 days in the 10 days after the date of your first visit.

➡ Take mosquito repellent, sunscreen, a hat, comfortable walking shoes, and plenty of water. The temples are open air, and in the middle of the forest, so you’ll need to prepare for the day accordingly.

➡ Dress respectfully. Angkor Wat is not only an archaeological site, it’s also a temple, and you won’t be allowed to enter some of the temples if you don’t have your shoulders and knees covered. There’s also no smoking here.

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