How To Grow And Use Mosquito Repellent Plants In Your Marietta Home

Picking up the right mosquito repellent is a tough call as there are dozens of them available in the market. However if you are open to growing mosquito repellent plants, it’s an effective solution. Since most of the insect-repelling plants repel with their fragrance; they may require special attention and careful usage.

Not only will these plants keep annoying mosquitoes away but they will also introduce wonderful scents all throughout your yard. Placing these plants near sitting areas or doorways can be a smart way to keep mosquitoes away. This is vitally important as Marietta, Georgia is one of the top locations in Georgia as well as the United States for mosquito populations. If you are in need of mosquito control Marietta or mosquito services Marietta then contact us today to speak with our team of professional mosquito control experts.

Let’s discuss a few important mosquito repellent plants and how to use them for repelling purposes.


It’s one of the most commonly used ingredients in mosquito repellents. It is actually a plant; a kind of clumping grass. Since it is very easy to grow, you can grow citronella in pots and place it around a porch or patio. It’s a natural way of repelling mosquitoes without any side effects. All you need is to grow it in the garden in a pot, and then move it, placing it in doorways.


德国mosquito mücken 防蚊喷雾Scientific studies have proven that catnip is 10 times more effective in bug repellents as compared to DEET; the traditional choice. It’s easy to grow but make sure not to plant it near flowers or vegetables.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm, also known as horse mint, is another good choice for repelling mosquitoes. For beginner gardeners, it’s very easy to grow. It has two key benefits; one is a natural remedy for mosquitos and insects, while the other one is its leaves. Yes, you can dry and use its leaves to make herbal tea.

How to Use Mosquito Plants

There are three basic ways to use mosquito plants:

Grow them. Their fragrance will keep the mosquitoes away from you. In this case, selection of the plant and its placement is very important. Pick the right plant and position them around your yard.

Crush and Rub. There are certain plants like Catnip, Tea Tree that you can crush and rub over your body to keep the mosquitoes away from you. This however may protect you for only up to 2 hours.

Make Mosquito Repelling Liquid. Using fresh water and basil, you can make a natural mosquito-repellent for your body. It’s a great choice if you are planning some outdoor BBQing or going out for a hike.

It is always a wise idea to choose natural ways to repel mosquitoes rather than artificial ones. Believe it or not, growing plants is not the only natural solution. In fact, you can really rid your yard of mosquitoes by having a professional mosquito control company handle the job, and they can do it with an all-natural solution. Learn more about natural mosquito control sprays on the Mr. Mister FAQ page.

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