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How To Make A Mosquito Killer - Homemade Mosquito Killer Science Project - Mosquito Killer Lamp DIY - 동영상

1 Set (Min. Order)
Size : 6000mmx3500mmx3500mm Power :20KW(Worker needed : One person) b,Starch M ixing M achine “ 6 ” : (with stove) Stir the mixture with starch and cold water and stir the starch with steam Model :DYBJ-50 Size :900mmx1700mm Power :4KW Volume : 400L Worker needed : 1person c,Starch and Powder Mixing Machine “ 7 ” : Stir the mixture of various raw materials and cooked starch mixed to form a wet blank Model :DY BJ-200 B Size : 2500mmx1300mmx1600mm How To Make Mosquito Coil Incense9 2, Mosquito Coil Molding Machine The wet billet into the molding machine squeeze material facilities, through two extrusion, into the fine billet body into a strip shape, and then by the punching into mosquito-coated wet blank. Size : 5300mmx5500mmx1700mm Working method : Hydraulic Power : 26.5KW Speed : 18-20 time/minute Number: 18pcs/batch Mosquito standard size : 13.8mm (Round shape ) Features: One time press and shaped , waste recycling Worker needed: 4 people Also we can make mold for square shapes or other customized How To Get A Dry Mosquito Coil9 3,Drying House : Put the mosquito-coated wet blank into the dryer house ,after drying , it is the mosquito coils Dryer length : 25-30m Qty : 2 dryers (One mosquito forming machine need two drying house ) Fuel : Coal, Electric Drying time : 4 hours (Continuously working , one end in , one end out ) How Do I Collect Mosquito Coil On The Tray9 4,Coil Collecting Machine After drying can used this machine automatic collect . Power: 3.5kw Speed :20-30 tray /min Existing belt length: 2.5m Out cover : carbon steel HS Code: 8428330000 Worker needed: 4 people How To Pack The Mosquito Coil Already Produced9 5, Put Piece Machine Collection of mosquito coils, into the spray machine Power: 1.8 kw Speed :9000-12000pcs/h Tail length: 1.m Out cover : carbon steel HS Code:8428391000 Worker needed: 4-5 people 6,Spray Insecticide Machine This machine and the put piece machine connect up , mosquito coils by automatic release into the spray machine, in the mosquito layer coated with a layer of drugs Power: 2.2 kw Speed :400-600 pairs/min Size : 1600*550*1300 Out cover : SS304 HS Code:8424899990 Worker needed: 4-5 people 7 ,Coil Counting Machine Power : 3.5kw Qty in one package : 3pairs Out cover : carbon steel Control : PLC (Mitsubishi Brand) Size : 2500*650*800mm Function : Counting,Tidiness, double turn over HS Code 8428391000 8,Packing Machine Pack the mosquito coils into the box .

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