Incognito Mosquito Repellent: The Best Natural Insect Repellent

My reaction when I go outside without a bra on and get a mosquito bite on my nipple.We needed Incognito mosquito repellent to be good. We hoped it was as efficient because the advertising and marketing literature and as very good as its enthusiastic evaluations. So off we went to Koh Samui – a gaggle of three – armed with one 100ml bottle of Incognito Natural Anti-Mozzie DEET-Free Insect Repellent, and excessive hopes. Result? There’s a mosquito-free world on the market, with no chemical penalties, and it is advisable learn about it. It’s game-changing.

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Incognito mosquito repellent evaluation

Background: Why we’re frightened of DEET

On our first vacation to the tropics, we did as instructed and packed sturdy DEET mosquito repellent. This was earlier than the latest proliferation of pure and inexperienced product options. We didn’t know fairly what toxicity we’d invited alongside. Day 1, a member of the family utilized among the DEET spray to her ft. Soon the chemical concoction melted her black rubber flip-flops and left black marks on the soles of her ft for weeks.

The remainder of us fared higher – it simply bleached all our garments.

Suitably horrified, we by no means touched one other DEET product and have lengthy since used solely pure mosquito repellents to keep away from mosquitoes in Thailand. This desire and an internet buying behavior led us to Incognito mosquito repellent – completely pure and completely moral (equally excellent news for infants and bunnies!)

Enter Incognito mosquito repellent

Does it work? Yes, sure, sure – a billion instances sure. Extremely – insanely – excessive efficacy. Our three days on Koh Samui have been extraordinarily sizzling, humid and completely with out a breeze; prime mosquito situations. With success like we’ve by no means identified, none of us had a single mosquito chew our complete journey. History was made: Not a single mosquito chew. Total astonishment – two of us are identified mosquito magnets. Neither of us has ever escaped Samui unscathed after twelve years of normal visits. We couldn’t consider it.

Smell? Very nice and under no circumstances ‘chemically’. Unlike straight citronella, it’s not acrid. We two girls actually appreciated it, whereas our ‘Guinea Pig-Man’ didn’t discover any scent in any respect.

Total Incognito love As the week wore on we turned rabid obsessives – our love for Incognito turned a dinner matter of itself. Such was our amazement, we appeared up what else we may love from their product line…

Exfoliation station: Next time, we’ll even be packing one other positive success within the Incognito vary – anti-mosquito loofah cleaning soap. Apparently common exfoliation is a good trick to avoiding mosquitoes, particularly in such sticky (sweaty) climates as Thailand.

Even extra mosquito conflict: An extra vary of choices together with citronella incense sticks and hair/physique wash all come simply as extremely reviewed – we’re going to turn into evangelising product devotees.

Update! Incognito 4 years later

We’ve now been utilizing Incognito for over 4 years and stay simply in love with it as on our first take a look at journey. We’ve now included their complete line of merchandise into our lives. A number of new discoveries:

1. Love the loofah

The luxurious loofah cleaning soap is equally improbable. Apparently, mosquitoes love the chemical combos discovered close to useless pores and skin cells, so exfoliating is upper-level genius. The loofah accommodates a bar of mosquito-repelling pure cleaning soap, which we discovered lasted about two weeks with day by day use. The loofah as a stand-alone merchandise (to which Alex provides common physique wash) continues to be nearly as good as new after 3+ months and counting. It’s a terrifically high quality piece of development – and it’s made in Thailand.

2. Some shock makes use of

As for the Incognito spray, seems, it actually does repel all bugs (not simply mosquitoes)… identical to it says on the bottle. If you ever discover a meal or cup of espresso receiving the undesirable consideration of home flies, we’ve discovered that dabbing slightly Incognito on the bottom of the cup (or an fringe of your plate that meals isn’t touching) makes them depart with pleasing haste.

Our incognito methodology and FAQs

1. Religious dedication

For sure head to toe protection, we every liberally dosed up after towelling off from the bathe. Confident in its chemical-free healthiness, we have been completely satisfied spraying Incognito on our shoulders and neck. Then, it went in a pocket or purse to spend the day with us – sometimes topping up after we stopped for lunch, afternoon drinks and dinner. Mosquitoes simply didn’t function in our vacation.

2. Expert suggestions

The Incognito web site additionally gives some nice newbie science and suggestions for mosquito warfare. For instance, we realized why two of the three of us have been traditionally widespread with mosquitoes. Women have thinner pores and skin and our veins are nearer to the floor – we’re tastier. We additionally realized apply mosquito repellent – suggestions which in all probability elevated our success.

How lengthy does one 100ml bottle final?

Sharing a bottle between 2 individuals, it lasted about 10 days. As the bottle began to really feel lighter we started to panic – we didn’t wish to dwell with out it. Incognito provide a 3-pack of 100ml bottles which might be perfect for an extended journey for one or two individuals, or for per week’s household vacation. We’ll undoubtedly be stocking our toiletry luggage and residential cabinets with bottles (and back-up bottles).

Incognito All Natural DEET Free Anti Mosquito Spray (100ml): One 100ml bottle is ideal for two individuals for 7-10 days

Ready to kiss the DEET goodbye?

MRW I'm trying to sleep and hear a mosquitoIt’s all the time thrilling when the nice guys triumph: no mosquito bites, no scary chemical substances, no bunny testing – lastly the healthiest and most moral alternative is the best by a large mile. This is a science venture that undoubtedly requires celebratory sundown drinks – with naked ankles.

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