Indonesian Teens Are Getting High By Boiling Used Menstrual Pads In Water And Drinking It

Some kids in Indonesia had been not too long ago discovered to have been utilizing sanitary pads as a less expensive various to medication and alcohol.

Mosquito Net / Repellent Save Yourself from Mosquito Bites - 웹Teens from completely different components of the nation have reportedly been capable of get intoxicated and excessive by boiling used sanitary pads and consuming the water.

Several Indonesian youths from Jakarta, Bekasi in West Java and Kudus in Central Java, age 13-16 years outdated, had been arrested by authorities after being caught experimenting with the weird methodology, reviews the Straits Times.

According to National Narcotics Agency Central Java chapter head Senior Commander Suprinarto, the chlorine produced by the boiled combination induces hallucinations and created a sensation of “flying” equally skilled when utilizing some type of medication.

“The used pads they took from the trash had been put in boiling water. After it cooled down, they drank it collectively,” Suprinarto was quoted as saying.

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The Mosquito Coast (1986) - Plot Summary - IMDb The Mosquito Coast (1986) - 웹An advocate for secure consuming named Jimy Ginting instructed The Jakarta Post that the observe was first uncovered in 2016 after some youngsters in Belitung, Bangka Belitung Islands and Karawang, West Java had been found to be doing the identical.

“I don’t know who began all of it, however I knew it began round two years in the past. There is not any regulation towards it to date. There is not any regulation towards these children utilizing a combination of mosquito repellent and (chilly syrup) to get drunk,” Ginting famous.

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