Life Hacks Using Witch Hazel

Awesome, you wakened with puffy luggage underneath your eyes. To perk up your peepers, beat 1 egg white and 1 teaspoon of witch hazel till foamy. Dab the combination underneath your eyes and let sit for 15 minutes, then rinse off. The albumin in egg whites will quickly tighten pores and skin, whereas the anti-inflammatory witch hazel will assist cut back puffiness.

mosquito repellent re2. Lift set-in bloodstains with ease
You should have nicked your leg shaving, however you did not discover the bloodstain till your pants went the wash. To take away the stain, tie an elastic band across the discolored space to isolate it, then immerse the stain in witch hazel for about 30 minutes. Remove and rinse with cool water, then launder as normal. The alcohol and different solvents in witch hazel will break down and evaporate the proteins in blood, simply erasing the stain.

3. Shrink varicose veins
If varicose veins have been making you’re feeling achy and self-conscious, do this: Steep a pair washcloths in witch hazel, then wrap them round your drawback areas after showering and let sit for five minutes. Witch hazel has astringent and vasoconstrictive properties that can quickly lighten the looks of varicose veins and cut back painful irritation.

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MRW I leave my windows open at night and a mosquito gets in4. Effortlessly take away sticker adhesive
To do away with the sticky residue stickers depart behind, saturate a cotton ball with witch hazel and apply it to the affected areas. Hold it firmly in place for two minutes (it will give the witch hazel time to dissolve the adhesive), then scrape gently with a spatula or one other flat kitchen device. The astringent properties in witch hazel will break down the stickers’ bonding brokers for simple removing.

5. Rid images of fingerprints
To erase smudges out of your favourite trip snapshots, pour just a little witch hazel onto a cotton ball or comfortable material and gently wipe them away. The alcohol within the witch hazel will shortly raise and evaporate any oily residue from fingerprints. (Be certain to check a small nook first to make sure the end stays intact.)

6. Make razor-burn bumps disappear
No matter how mild you’re with the blade, you all the time develop razor burn round your bikini line. Witch hazel to the rescue! Dip a comfortable material into the liquid and apply it generously to the unpleasant blemishes. The soothing antibacterial resolution will cut back irritation and redness so you may don a swimsuit with confidence.

7. Relieve poison ivy itch in seconds

8. Revive limp, greasy summer season hair
Summer actually takes a toll in your hair. That’s as a result of excessive temperatures immediate scalp glands to churn out extra oil, leading to a “soiled” look. The quick repair: a couple of times per week, dab an answer of 1 half witch hazel to 10 components water alongside your hairline and half after you bathe. The witch hazel will dissolve grease on contact and cut back the quantity of oil your scalp secretes, so your hair will look bouncy and recent all day lengthy.

9. Ensure Fido’s ears are squeaky clear

10. Protect your self from mosquitoes
Keep mosquitos away by combining witch hazel and some drops of peppermint oil in a twig bottle. Spray this home made mosquito repellent throughout your legs and arms. The mixture of scents will naturally repel bugs whereas masking different aromas that appeal to the critters, so you can take pleasure in a bite-free night time.

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