Living Healthy In A Pest-Free Home

When you hear a mosquito in your roomHome is the place the place you unwind after an extended day’s strife, nourishing bodily and extra so mentally in your subsequent massive day. All goes nicely till you open certainly one of your cupboards and out comes a military of bugs, and also you assume to your self how pest infestation is the very last thing you need to cope with contemplating different terrors life could also be throwing at you!

MRW after the feeling of having mosquito bites all over your body,and taking a boiling showerYou, like most individuals, rely on the mosquito repellents, killing sprays, the numerous rodent-catch options which can be broadly accessible available in the market. Although these options are fairly handy, they’re solely short-term. Not to neglect that these options include dangerous aerosols and poisonous substances, a few of that are identified to be carcinogenic. These chemical compounds can particularly be dangerous to little kids, being that their organ growth is underway and since they’re extra delicate to their setting on the whole.

You can keep away from these chemical compounds by choosing a extra eco-friendly and pure treatment. Here are among the cures that can assist you to in having a pest-free dwelling to come back to:


Neem has been revered as a robust plant for varied causes; certainly one of them being that it’s the strongest pure pest repellent holding over 50 pesticides. To make a neem spray, add 15 ml of additional virgin neem oil and ½ teaspoon of delicate natural liquid cleaning soap to 1.eight litres of heat water. Transfer it to a twig bottle and spray your private home not less than twice a day.


Mint is understood to repel flies and ants. Make a sachet containing crushed mint leaves and place them within the affected areas. Spearmint and Peppermint do an exquisite job of repelling ants, aphids, beetles, caterpillars, lice, spiders, moths and fleas. Catnip, which belongs to the mint household, additionally efficiently repels bugs due to its compound- nepetalactone.


Eucalyptus works nice in repelling mosquitoes, roaches and mattress bugs. You can crush some eucalyptus leaves and place them in an enclosed diffuser or go for a candle containing the important eucalyptus oil. To make a twig, combine 10 drops of oil to 1 cup of heat water and switch the combination to a twig bottle.


Citrus is a pure fly deterrent. Use 10 drops of citrus oil with 1 tsp. of cayenne pepper and blend it with 1 cup of heat water. This combination is helpful in avoiding flies and fleas. You may even select to place some citrus oil in a diffuser to maintain your private home smelling contemporary and retaining flies away.


Marigolds are sun-loving vegetation that hold aphids and mosquitoes at bay. Petunias, alternatively, drive away squash bugs and beetles. Lavender’s scent that ails insomnia and makes our laundry scent nice is disgusting to flies, moths, and mosquitoes. You can contemplate planting these by your window panes or use their important oils in a diffuser or in a twig.

Tips to think about in retaining your private home pest free:

– In the kitchen- use air-tight containers to retailer your groceries, keep away from stagnant water and hold your counter dry always.
– Check for gaps and creaks in your doorways and shut them. Opt for a bug display screen door in your balcony.
– Avoid undesirable rubbish, particularly moist rubbish in or round your private home.
– Avoid retaining dirty utensils because the meals residue attracts flies.
– Avoid stacking up soiled laundry for too lengthy as mosquitoes are drawn to them.
– Have stagnant water round your private home drained as a result of they’re a breeding floor for mosquitoes and flies.
– If your state of affairs is out of hand, contemplate hiring an expert pest management service.

It’s true that pure cures is probably not as highly effective as instantaneous killing sprays which can be full of chemical compounds. However, they do an awesome job at stopping pests from invading your private home, and so they’re certain to maintain it smelling nice all through. Two birds one stone, am I proper!

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