Mosquito Repellent Lotion Soffell, Anti-Insect Bites

Indications: Soffell is a mosquito repellent within the types of lotion. It makes use of to guard the physique from mosquito bites on any event, comparable to when enjoyable, watching TV, and sleeping. It has the long-lasting impact as much as eight hours

There's a mosquito in my room. It's bitten me three times.Soffell protects the physique from mosquito bites with safety that successfully lasts for about eight hours.
SOFFELL gives double protections:
– To forestall mosquitoes with SOFFELL’s aromas.
– To defend the physique from mosquito bites by producing unfavorable taste for mosquitoes to chew.
SOFFELL comprises particular moisturizers to maintain the pores and skin tender, with no burning sensations, and no stickiness when utilized to the pores and skin.

– Ingredients: The primary ingredient in SOFFELL is 13% DEET (DEET is a chemical, which helps cowl up the odor of our sweat from mosquitoes. When the mosquito doesn’t odor our sweat, it would fly away).

Soffell mosquito repellent route

Gently therapeutic massage Soffell on the face, neck, hand or different locations which mosquito can assault. We can also put it on the blanket, riddle.

– Safety Information: For exterior use solely. Keep away from eyes or mouth contact. If swallowed, drink 2-Four glasses of water and seek the advice of a physician. Discontinue use if it occurred an allergic response.

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