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If you have mosquito bites, your dogs and cats are at risk

A 2012 Which? report showed Mosi-guard Natural amongst the best performing plant based insect repellent products. It had a five star rating for its ‘time to first and multiple bites’, with up to 8 hours protection. This means that our plant based insect repellent performs just as well as DEET based products. Mosi-guard an effective natural mosquito repellent, midge repellent and general insect repellent.

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Indoor Ultrasonic Mosquito Pest Control(id:7169970). Buy China mosquito repellent, mosquito chaser, ultrasonic mosquito repeller - EC21 - 웹Why is Mosi-guard Natural a unique insect repellent?

DEET versus DEET free?

What are the problems associated with DEET and how do they compare to Citriodiol?

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Can I use Mosi-guard Natural abroad?

Can I use Mosi-guard Natural on babies and young children?

How long does Mosi-guard Natural last as an effective insect repellent?

What diseases does each insect spread and where are they found?

Are there any insects and insect bites to worry about in the UK?

What is Citriodiol?

Are Mosi-guard Natural insect repellents really naturally sourced?

Some ingredients in Mosi-guard Natural insect repellents sound very ‘chemically’ for products with a plant based active. Why is this?

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