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DEET-free wipes go anyplace mosquitoes do.

– Tuck into backpack, carry-on, purse, seashore bag or automobile to be ready!
– Biodegradable, important oil powered & efficient* as much as four hours.
– Family pleasant – secure for anybody 6 months and older.*
– No spills, no spray drifting into eyes or mouth.
– Manufactured within the USA.
– Ready to replenish? Buy in bulk.

We are unable to ship Mosquito Wipes into Indiana and Washington.

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Price $799

Ingredients Citronella OilCitronella OilLemon scented important oil identified for its mosquito-repelling talents. , Cedarwood OilCedarwood OilCan be derived from the bark, wooden or needles. , Peppermint OilPeppermint OilClean readability & happiness. Merry! , Lemongrass OilLemongrass OilNatural mosquito repellent and uplifting scent. , Geranium OilGeranium OilHappy vibes & a pure bug repellent. , Isopropyl MyristateIsopropyl MyristateLightweight and non-greasy pores and skin softener. , Soybean OilSoybean OilMight already be in your pantry. We use it to assist management bugs. , Vitamin EVitamin EAll over skincare with moisturizing and antioxidant powers. , Cellulose (regenerated)Cellulose (regenerated)The stuff that provides plant cells construction. Used in all of our biodegradable wipes!

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They scent superb and contemporary not chemically in any respect.

To survive, crops naturally create chemical compounds to defend towards insect assaults. We use important oils-not harsh chemicals-to repel mosquitos with out the scary stuff.

DEET, harsh chemical compounds, picaridin, dyes, aerosols

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This goes on extra like a dry physique oil than a water-based spray. Plan to use and gently rub into pores and skin.

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