Mosquito Spraying Scheduled To Reduce Risk Of West Nile Virus

scratching that mosquito bite that's been bugging you all day

Fairfax County Health Department has decided the necessity to spray pesticides to regulate grownup mosquitoes in components of Fairfax County and the City of Fairfax primarily based on its mosquito surveillance actions for West Nile virus.

Weather allowing, spraying will happen on Monday, August 27 between eight a.m. and midday on the following areas:

– Kings Park Park, 8717 Trafalgar Court, Springfield.
– Ted Grefe Park, 9980 Mosby Road, City of Fairfax.

The maps beneath determine the geographic boundaries for the spray occasions.

West Nile Virus (WNV) has been present in Culex mosquitoes all through the county in 2018, however entice websites on the above areas even have discovered WNV in Aedes mosquitoes that typically don’t carry the virus however are recognized to aggressively chew individuals. The Health Department is performing these pesticide therapies to scale back the potential for human transmission.

Spraying to kill grownup mosquitoes that may unfold illness to people is a vital and efficient part of an built-in pest administration program, mentioned Pieter Sheehan, Director of Environmental Health. But spraying is only one step to guard public well being. Residents should additionally take applicable steps to guard themselves.”

Residents are inspired to combat the chew by:

– Avoiding mosquitoes when attainable, particularly throughout peak biting instances similar to daybreak and nightfall.
– Wearing lengthy clothes and apply a mosquito repellent to clothes and uncovered pores and skin when spending time outside.
– Keeping mosquitoes exterior of your property by closing doorways and home windows and/or ensuring that screens are in good restore.
– Eliminating standing water by tipping and tossing buckets, downspout extensions, planters, toys, birdbaths, flowerpots, tarps and different containers the place mosquitoes lay their eggs.

Pesticide therapies will probably be carried out on the two parks areas by licensed employees utilizing backpack sprayers. The supplies getting used to regulate the grownup mosquitoes are Aqua Zenivex E20, and Flit 10EC. These pesticides are used for mosquito management in residential areas throughout the nation and aren’t dangerous to individuals or pets.

Health Department employees will probably be notifying residents who stay close to the affected areas that the pesticide remedy will happen and providing yard inspections to assist get rid of mosquitoes.

Residents of the focused neighborhoods might, as a precaution, select to remain indoors, shut their doorways and home windows, and switch off window-mounted air conditioners or complete home followers whereas spraying is underway. People who’re extra delicate to chemical substances may presumably expertise short-term results, similar to eye, pores and skin, nostril or throat irritation, or a respiration downside. Residents ought to seek the advice of a healthcare supplier in the event that they expertise any such well being results from spraying.

Residents are additionally inspired to comply with the Health Department’s Twitter feed @fairfaxhealth for information about spray occasions. For extra info on mosquito management efforts, go to being/fightthebite or name 703-246-8931, TTY 711.

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