Mosquitoes And Heartworm: An Increasing Threat To Your Dog

Medications to stop heartworm infections are extremely efficient, available out of your veterinarian and extensively utilized to stop heartworm infections. However, the variety of medical infections continues to extend yearly. Several elements could also be contributing to this improve. Those embody:

  • Inadequate pet guardian compliance with preventive remedy
  • Inadequate safety related to resistant heartworms
  • Extremely excessive mosquito burdens


For this weblog I’d prefer to focus particularly on the problem of mosquitoes, however all of those elements play a task within the persevering with surge of heartworm circumstances. Additionally there was current proof that some populations of heartworms could develop resistance to particular person heartworm preventives. Prevention and management of heartworms requires a multi-prong strategy. First, it’s important that every one canines obtain a year-round preventive product. Right now we have no idea the extent or vary of resistant heartworms. It is crucial that canines be examined for heartworms yearly even when they obtain a preventive. It is vital that constructive circumstances be handled as quickly as potential to stop a reservoir of heartworms1.

Climate modifications and mosquitoes
Even in case your canine is on year-round preventive medicine, each effort ought to be made to keep away from publicity of canines to mosquitoes. Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes which, in accordance with, will improve in quantity and distribution with local weather change. Research from Paul Robbins and others on the University of Arizona reveals that not solely will populations improve, however, “Control strategies must start earlier and lengthen later into the yr.” Mosquitoes shouldn’t be thought-about as a summertime pest, however as a yr spherical well being hazard2.

Some mosquitoes lay winter hardy eggs. The eggs hatch when heat climate returns even for a short while. Many mosquito species reside via the winter as adults. Females spend the chilly months hidden in protected locations, resembling hole logs or animal burrows. When heat climate returns, the females start to feed instantly. Re-wakened mosquitoes come out in drive, on the lookout for blood. Once they’ve fed they start to put eggs once more.

How are you able to assist management mosquitoes?
Reduce publicity to mosquitoes by avoiding and cleansing up standing water the place mosquitoes breed. Remember that even whenever you don’t see mosquitoes they could be current. Environmental management is all the time vital. Here are some issues you are able to do to assist forestall mosquitoes in your space:

  • Reduce publicity to mosquitoes by avoiding and cleansing up standing water the place mosquitoes breed. Remember that even whenever you don’t see mosquitoes they could be current. Environmental management is all the time vital.
  • Keep canines and cats indoors and protected against mosquitoes throughout peak mosquito feeding durations round dawn and sundown.
  • In excessive mosquito inhabitants areas take into account screening in train areas. This is a typical process in individuals’s backyards in a lot of the Southern states round swimming pools and patios.
  • Be positive all kennels and shelters are protected utilizing a mosquito display screen over openings.
  • Citronella spray misters can be utilized to manage mosquitoes safely however the citronella scent could be disagreeable.
  • Consider utilizing systemic or topical mosquito repellents when canines are outside. DEET is extraordinarily efficient for people however is poisonous to pets and shouldn’t be used on canines or cats.
  • Permethrin containing topical merchandise are efficient and protected in canines however can’t be utilized to cats.

Aggressive mosquito management is vital as an assist in stopping heartworms and moreover within the prevention of different mosquito born ailments. Be positive you do your finest to keep away from publicity to your self and your canines.

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If you might have any questions or issues, you need to all the time go to or name your veterinarian — they’re your finest useful resource to make sure the well being and well-being of your pets.


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2. Hadley, Debbie. “Where Do Mosquitoes Go within the Winter?”

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