Mosquitoes Menace Cedros, Icacos


A MOSQUITO invasion in Cedros and Icacos is making life so uncomfortable that lessons on the Lochmaben Roman Catholic Primary School in Fullarton Village, Cedros have been ended early and youngsters informed to go dwelling.

Such is the prolong of the mosquito menace that personnel from the Insect Vector Control Unit in Cedros have been hard-pressed to deal with spraying and fogging the areas affected.

Residents informed Newsday the disease-carrying pests bugs are attacking each man and beast throughout the day and night time. Cedros councillor Shankar Teelucksingh described the state of affairs as a “swarm blown in by the wind.” He claimed that almost all inland tributaries on the tip of the south-western peninsula have turn out to be mosquito breeding grounds.

There are giant, clogged drains at deserted estates, he added, with knee-high water pushed by rising tides and up to date rainfall.

The councillor mentioned that by sundown, residents in each villages lock themselves indoors. Mosquito coils and bug repellent appear to be no match, he mentioned.

An official from the Insect Vector Control workplace situated close to the Cedros port, informed Newsday their unit lacks tools. “We don’t even have telephones on this workplace right here. You’ve contacted me on my private cell-phone. Currently, we’re experiencing issues over lack of working tools to conduct the form of widespread spraying that’s required right here in Cedros and Icacos,” the official mentioned.

Teelucksingh mentioned many mother and father in Icacos Village have complained that their youngsters’s pores and skin was coated in rash after being bitten by the mosquitoes.

The councillor mentioned he has been distributing tons of of packs of mosquito coils to the affected residents. About 150 pupils attend the Lochmaben main faculty.

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