Much less = More With Mosquito

The Giant Gallinipper Mosquito

If you’re utilizing it for fleas and ticks it’s nonetheless a bit cheaper, and for those who transfer as much as the following measurement (6 quarts) it turns into considerably cheaper once more on a sq. foot protection foundation.

A quart of PCO Choice comes with a hose-end sprayer with instructions on the facet which might be particular to Cedarcide.

I spray a broader space when treating for different bugs like mosquitoes and I add garlic oil for that as a result of it’s a comparatively cheap addition and mosquitoes hate it. The hose finish sprayer has a great capability and you should use it for any spraying wants, so it beats shopping for an identical sprayer for $10-$20.

I usually do the complete yard spraying with garlic oil blended in as nicely for further mosquito repellent. I mix with the Cedarcide and do it utilizing the hose-end sprayer you see under. Works nice.

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