Multitudes Of Mosquitoes Thriving In This Wet Weather

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HOUSTON – The Houston space been inundated with days of moist climate, and while you combine that and sizzling temperatures, mosquitoes thrive.

MOSQUITO-LESS 900mL Concentrated Mosquito Garlic Oil 900mL Concentrated Mosquito Garlic Oil - 웹During mosquito season, well being departments are additionally involved in regards to the unfold of the West Nile virus.

Cases have already been confirmed in Sugar Land and in Harris County just lately.

Not solely are the pesky bugs flourishing in southeast Texas, persons are astonished on the dimension of a few of them.

The sizzling and moist climate is predicted to stay for some time but, making issues worse.

@KPRC2 @KPRC2Britta Us TAMUG scientists in Galveston are astounded by these dinosaur sized mosquitoes.

Dr. Patricia Pietrantonio, professor of entomology at Texas A&M, mentioned the massive dimension of some mosquitoes relies on varied elements, from species to setting.

“Some species are bigger and a few emerge giant relying on the larvae habitats and dietary assets,” Pietrantonio mentioned.

Pietrantonio warns so long as it is sizzling and moist outdoors, the mosquitoes can be sticking round.

The Houston Health Department presents some options to guard your self and take management of the scenario that could be occurring round your house:

Get rid of standing water by which mosquitoes can breed. If there are any locations round your house the place water collects, chances are you’ll be elevating mosquitoes.
Be positive door, porch and window screens are in good situation. Don’t depart doorways to the surface standing open. Change water weekly in vases, plant saucers and containers holding plant cuttings inside the house.
Cover as a lot pores and skin as attainable with clothes to cut back publicity to mosquito bites and use a really useful repellent on uncovered pores and skin each time you might be outside.

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