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mosquito net mosquito netJoin Julie Polanco on this episode of Crunchy Christian Podcast as she discusses pure treatments for bug bites. She talks about pure repellents, mosquito bites, and bee stings.

Natural Remedies for Bug Bites

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First, you possibly can decrease your publicity by sporting lengthy, mild coloured clothes and sealing all “entrances” at any time when you’re in an setting the place there are many bugs. That means a white, long-sleeved shirt, white neck kerchief, and tan or different light-colored pants tucked inside your socks or boots. You may also assist shield your self by staying indoors at nightfall, the time when most mosquitos come out. Bees are simpler to identify and so they’re simpler to keep away from more often than not. Ticks will be tougher, but when your physique is roofed (even your head), you scale back the chance of getting bitten by a tick.

In addition to sporting lengthy garments and a hat, you should utilize a pure bug repellent that received’t irritate your pores and skin and can maintain bugs at bay. It doesn’t kill bugs, it solely retains them away as a result of they discover the odor disagreeable.

DIY Bug Spray

To make your personal bug spray, mix the next important oils in equal quantities: Citronella,

Clove, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Mint, Lavender, and Cedar. It’s tremendous so as to add about 3-Four drops of every in a Four oz. spray bottle and add water. Don’t simply spray your pores and skin, however your garments, too. Remember, important oils are produced by crops to guard themselves from illness and pests. That’s why they’ll shield you, too. And, identical to another bug repellent, it’s worthwhile to re-spray not less than each two hours. The different to pure repellents is DEET primarily based sprays. On the present, Julie talks a bit about DEET and the way it was developed.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Another pure choice to repel mosquitoes out of your pores and skin and maintain them from biting you is with apple cider vinegar. This is all pure and received’t hurt your pores and skin, although it is best to take a look at it on a small space first to be sure you don’t get an allergic response. You can rub it immediately in your pores and skin, however in case you don’t just like the odor, you can even dilute it with some water first. If you begin including apple cider vinegar to your meals or your water, you possibly can truly construct up an odor in your pores and skin that mosquitoes and flies hate and they’re going to finally depart you alone. In addition to apple cider vinegar, consuming plenty of garlic and avoiding sugar may also assist repel mosquitoes.

Bee Stings

First, in fact, is to attempt to keep away from getting stung. If a bee is close to you, don’t agitate the bee by waving your arms round. Try transferring to a different space. If they see you as a menace, bees launch chemical substances into the air that alert different bees. You don’t need that! Since candy smells appeal to them, in addition to sure forms of patterns on garments, maintain that in thoughts. If a bee stings you, don’t panic. Try one among these pure treatments for bug bites. And, in case your affected physique half begins swelling abnormally, search quick medical consideration! You are allergic.


This weed is discovered virtually in every single place and in a pinch, will be chewed and utilized on to the location. In truth, my son was stung by a bee on a hike as soon as. We didn’t have something with us, however plantain grew in every single place. I pulled up some leaves, chewed them, and utilized the poultice to the location. Don’t you simply love how crops are all the time there to assist us?

Meat tenderizer

When I used to be a toddler, this was my mother’s dwelling treatment. She made a paste with it and utilized it on to the sting web site. After about 20 minutes or so, the sting went away and the swelling went down.

On the podcast, Julie talks about just a few different pure methods to take care of the itching and swelling. Tune in and get reduction!

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