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A mosquito must have sprayed me with people repellent. :(

What is Odomos?
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“In the current examine additionally a safety time of about 6 h was noticed with Advanced Odomos cream towards Ae. aegypti. In conclusion, the current examine outcomes demonstrated that the efficacy of Advanced Odomos and DEET lotions was comparable in offering safety towards mosquito bites for an extended length.”

– From the paper Efficacy of Advanced Odomos repellent cream (N, N-diethyl-benzamide) towards mosquito vectors (P.Ok. Mittal, U. Sreehari, R.Ok. Razdan, A.P. Dash, and M.A. Ansari, National Institute of Malaria Research (ICMR), New Delhi, India)

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1What is Odomos?

Scumbag mosquitoOdomos is a quite common mosquito repellent cream utilized in India. It has a pleasing odor and is non-sticky and straightforward to use. The National Integrated Medical Association endorses Odomos, the one mosquito repellant to be endorsed. Odomos works by making a masks of odour that’s unrecognizable by mosquitoes and repels them. Keep studying to seek out out extra about Odomos!

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