OFF! Clip-On Mosquito Repellent

MRW, I see a mosquito and the door in my room is closed.It is a violation of Federal regulation to make use of this product in a fashion inconsistent with its labeling. Read and observe all instructions and precautions on the product label.

Mosquito1. Remove one mosquito repellent refill from its packaging. Do not contact handled refill fabric when inserting or eradicating the refill.

2. Hold tab. Insert refill into the unit orange aspect up. Wash fingers totally and instantly after dealing with the refill.

3. Lock refill in place by twisting the highest till refill slot is totally closed to “O”.

4. Turn on the unit by twisting the highest all the way in which to “” till the fan activates.

5. Clip the unit to your belt, pants/shorts waistband, purse or place in another handy location subsequent to you.

6. Red LED mild will activate to point when there are roughly Three hours of refill and battery remaining. When you now not really feel air blowing from the unit and the crimson LED mild turns off, insert a brand new refill and new AAA batteries.

7. When completed utilizing the unit, twist the highest to “O”.

Unit features a rotating clip for desired consolation.

Within a couple of minutes, the unit gives head-to-toe safety from mosquitoes for as much as 12 hours. If you progress, enable a couple of minutes for the unit to rebuild its safety.

You may also place the unit subsequent to you on a desk, bench or different appropriate floor (away from meals and sources of warmth, ignition or moisture). When putting unit on a floor, lay the unit on its clip to permit open circulation of repellent.

Store the unit in a cool, dry place-never in a sizzling automobile, glove compartment, or trunk.

Each refill lasts as much as 12 hours. Refills expire after 14 days of opening. Replace refill 14 days after opening or after 12 hours of use, whichever comes first. Only Clip-on refills must be used within the Clip-on unit.

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