Public Health Advisory For Rainy Season

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Avoid swimming in flooded canals and trenches. During the
wet season and floods these turn into contaminated and may make you sick.

2x20w uv aluminum alloy mosquito killer lamp During the wet season, respiratory an infection together with COVID-19 and different respiratory
situation can happen and should turn into worse. Be additional cautious with all hygiene
measures and be certain that you cowl your cough. Daily consumption of fruits and vegetable
excessive in vitamin C will help to keep up a wholesome immune system and improve your
capacity to struggle an infection.

 If you need to enterprise into any space with flood waters, use protecting gear resembling lengthy
boots, gloves and eye safety. Prepare a foot bathtub of ½ cup of bleach to at least one bucket
of water and wash your ft earlier than coming into the home. Apply Vaseline or oil to your
pores and skin because it varieties a barrier and gives some safety from the soiled water.

 During rainfall you could discover a rise in mosquitoes. Protect your self and household
in opposition to mosquitoes by sleeping underneath mosquito nets, use mosquito repellents and
coils. Ensure that every one water saved round your properties incontainersis coated to
scale back the breeding of mosquitoes. Remember, the mosquito that spreads Zika,
Dengue and Chikungunya virus breeds in contemporary nonetheless water (particularly rain water)
round your own home.

 Use protected water for consuming, cooking, brushing your enamel,making ice and drinks.
Safe water is water that’s handled with chlorine bleach (add 1/2 teaspoon to five
gallons bucket of water, cowl and let the water stand for 30 minutes earlier than utilizing );
water boiled for no less than 5 minutes, cool and retailer in coated containersor sealed
bottled water.

 Keep meals provides away from contact with any flood water. Flood water can
contaminate meals provides together with dry groceries, greens, fruits, cooked meals
and drinks.Discard all meals which were involved with flood waters safely by
putting in a plastic bag and deposit in coated bins.

 Wash all vegetables and fruit with handled protected water and peel earlier than consuming.
Remember to maintain all meals objects and consuming water in coated containers.

 Cook meals completely and eat cooked meals inside two hours of preparation.
Store all remaining meals safely in a fridge and reheat completely earlier than

 Wash arms completely with cleaning soap and protected water or use hand sanitizers, particularly
earlier than consuming meals, after going to the bathroom or latrine, cleansing youngsters or dealing with
animals and contaminated supplies.

 Use the protected bathrooms or latrines to defecate and get rid of child’s diapers in your
coated bins. Do not mess or let feces get into the flood waters, drains or trenches.

 Secure of all family waste and different rubbish in plastic luggage and retailer in bins till
these are correctly eliminated to authorized landfill websites. Keep rubbish bins coated to
forestall pests resembling mosquitoes, flies, rats and roaches from coming into. Do not dump
rubbish in drains, trenches, canals and unlawful dumping areas round your

 Watch out for animals coming into your properties. Rats, roaches, snakes, centipedes and
different pests which were flooded out of their properties could search shelter in yours. Keep
doorways and home windows closed or screened to forestall them from coming into your properties.

 Turn off the primary electrical swap and unplug all home equipment and transfer them to protected
areas of your properties if your own home is underneath water. If you think electrical wiring have
been broken in your house, flip off the primary and have it checked by a professional
particular person earlier than turning on again the ability.

 Secure all vital gear, provides, medicines, clothes and different objects in protected
areas in your properties. Place vital paperwork and valuables in plastic and retailer
them in a protected place.

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