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Mosquito CreekDrain standing water outdoors your own home to cease mosquitoes from multiplying.

  • Keep doorways closed and canopy home windows with screens to maintain mosquitoes out.
  • Sleep beneath a mosquito mattress web in case you are not in a position to shield your self from bites.

Protect Yourself Outside

  • Wear long-sleeved shirts and lengthy pants throughout peak mosquito instances (day and evening).
  • Treat your clothes with permethrin.
  • Use an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered mosquito repellent. These repellents are protected and efficient, even for pregnant and breastfeeding girls.

Protect Children

  • Dress youngsters in clothes that covers their legs and arms, and canopy cribs, strollers, and so forth., with mosquito netting.
  • Do not use insect repellent on youngsters youthful than 2 months outdated.
  • Avoid placing insect repellent on youngsters’s fingers, round their eyes, and on minimize or irritated pores and skin.


MRW there are reports of West Nile in the area and a mosquito starts flying around my face...1. What is Zika?
2. What are the signs of Zika an infection?
3. How can any individual get Zika?
4. Is there a remedy for Zika?
5. What is the chance for Zika in Santa Cruz County?
6. What is the County Health Department doing to arrange for Zika virus?
7. What can folks do to forestall mosquito bites?

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