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West Nile Virus

Among wild birds, Corvids equivalent to crows, scrub jays and magpies are notably vulnerable. Indeed, WNV has had a major affect on these and different hen species. Pet birds are most likely at higher threat to WNV than canine or cats. Owners of pet birds ought to confer with the CDC web site desk of hen deaths from WNV between 1999 and 2007. Pet species are normally categorised as unique on this desk. (

Can small companion animals equivalent to birds, cats and canine contract West Nile virus?

Dogs and cats are vulnerable to an infection, however significantly extra immune to illness than horses, people, and a few species of birds. Very younger and really outdated cats and canine, and animals which are immunocompromised for another motive, are the more than likely to point out indicators of sickness. Signs of a doable an infection embrace weak spot, fever and muscle spasms, though blood checks are wanted to verify a analysis. Treatment is in line with commonplace veterinary practices for viral infections, and restoration is probably going. If you watched that your animal could also be contaminated, search the recommendation of your common veterinarian.

How possible is it that my cat or canine will catch West Nile virus?

It could be very unlikely for wholesome canine or cats to change into sick with this virus. Pet house owners ought to do the identical issues that they need to do to guard themselves and relations: get rid of mosquito habitat and keep away from mosquito publicity. Private veterinarians may be consulted for suggestions on secure, efficient mosquito repellents that could be used on pets. DEET-containing merchandise will not be authorised for pets and shouldn’t be used. It is essential to not use human insect repellent in your animal as it could trigger poisoning.

Can I contract the virus from my contaminated animal?

I'm a MosquitoWest Nile virus an infection has been confirmed in some home animals, together with pet birds, canine and cats. However, there isn’t a proof that an individual can get the virus from dealing with any animal, together with dwell or lifeless contaminated birds. Furthermore, there isn’t a proof that WNV might be transmitted to people by consuming contaminated birds or animals.

There isn’t any proof that an individual can get WNV from dealing with dwell or lifeless contaminated birds. However, one ought to all the time use warning when dealing with lifeless birds. Persons ought to keep away from bare-handed contact when dealing with any lifeless animals, and use gloves or double plastic baggage to position the hen carcass in a rubbish bag or contact their native well being division for steerage.

Can the virus be transmitted from animal to animal?

It is feasible that canine and cats might change into contaminated by consuming lifeless contaminated animals equivalent to birds, however that is undocumented. Veterinarians ought to take regular an infection management precautions when caring for an animal suspected to have this or any viral an infection.

How widespread is West Nile virus in California?

For info on WNV in California please go to the California Vectorbourne Disease Surveillance Center’s web site This web site comprises essentially the most present info on the unfold of WNV in California.

What can I do to guard myself in addition to my companion animals?

West Nile virus is transmitted by infectious mosquitoes. Dogs or cats may very well be uncovered to the virus in the identical approach people change into contaminated. To shield your self in addition to your animals, these precautions are really useful:

– Make positive that doorways and home windows have tight-fitting screens. Repair or change all screens which have tears or holes.
– Eliminate mosquito breeding websites from round your own home (standing water).
– Don’t go outdoors within the early night or at daybreak.
– If you’re open air throughout these occasions, put on long-sleeved shirts and lengthy pants, however keep in mind that mosquitoes can chew by skinny fabric.
– Consider utilizing insect repellent (the CDC recommends utilizing one with permethrin or DEET) in your pores and skin and clothes, notably when you dwell in a moist, low-lying space the place mosquitoes would possibly breed. But use insect sprays sparingly and cautiously. (This means by no means spraying repellents on kids beneath the age of three or on the palms of kids who would possibly put them of their mouths.) DEET-containing merchandise will not be authorised for pets and shouldn’t be used. It is essential to not use human insect repellent in your animal as it could trigger poisoning.
– Dispose of any unused outdoors water containers and drill holes within the backside of containers which are left open air. Turn over plastic wading swimming pools or wheelbarrows when not in use, and don’t enable water to stagnate in birdbaths.
– Clean clogged roof gutters often.
– Ventilate decorative swimming pools or inventory them with fish.
– Clean and chlorinate swimming swimming pools that aren’t in use.
– If you’ve got livestock, completely clear their troughs each month.
– Don’t depend on ultrasonic mosquito-repelling machines or vitamin B to push back bites.

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