Swell In Demand For Mosquito-repelling Plants, Latest Singapore News – The New Paper

Peppermint: Most bugs don’t just like the odor and style of peppermint. Plus, for those who occur to get bitten, rubbing peppermint leaves immediately onto the pores and skin offers reduction.

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Lavender: Apart from repelling mosquitoes, the scent of lavender additionally repels moths, fleas and flies.

Mosquitos...Rosemary: When burned, rosemary could odor good to people, however it’s disagreeable sufficient to maintain mosquitoes away.

Pelargonium: Also referred to as the “mosquito plant”, it’s a cross between the Chinese Citronella and the African Geranium. The leaves, which resemble these of a fern, include citronella oil, which repels mosquitoes.

Marigolds: The plant comprises pyrethrum, an ingredient discovered in lots of insect repellents. It has an aroma that bugs discover repulsive.

Lemon balm: For a fast mosquito repellent, crush a handful of lemon balm leaves in your hand and rub them in your uncovered pores and skin.

Lemongrass: Its sturdy perfume makes lemongrass a pure insect repellent. To assist deter mosquitoes, it’s often planted alongside walkways and near seating areas.

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