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Summer is right here! Thankfully the chilly winter season is over. The sunny day’s, seashores, clear skies and out of doors adventures start! I dwell in Michigan in order these summer time months come it’s time to work much less and play extra. We are likely to benefit from the Great Lakes (Lake Michigan, Lake Huron) seashores fairly a bit. Many individuals from surrounding states go to our state simply to go to the seashores. They’re lovely.


One factor you can’t keep away from in a Michigan summer time, or any summer time for that matter is mosquitoes. Just when the surface is interesting as will be you then need to take care of these little pesky bugs.

Many individuals, adults and children alike use a bug spray. Unfortunately these are fairly dangerous to your well being.

Believe it or not however these bug sprays and mosquito repellents are stuffed with most cancers inflicting chemical substances. There was really a research that discovered bug sprays and bug repellent chemical substances elevated the danger of childhood leukemia by 47%! These embrace issues like bug sprays, pesticides, indoor pesticides and so forth. I extremely suggest to keep away from utilizing any bug killing spray or chemical inside or outdoors your house particularly when you’ve got youngsters. You can learn extra about that right here.

It seems that it’s fairly a bit simpler to eliminate these pesky mosquitoes than you’d suppose. One vitamin will help to do the trick.

Vitamin B1 (also referred to as Thiamine) really modifications the best way you scent to mosquitoes. Mosquitoes solely chew individuals who scent interesting to them. This could remind you of a time in your life once you or somebody in your group (household, buddies) was being bit by mosquitoes again and again and also you or another person within the group wasn’t getting bit in any respect.

I can say that i’ve had that have a couple of occasions in my life personally. There have been a couple of occasions the place I used to be bit and others weren’t and there have been different occasions the place I wasn’t being bit in any respect but individuals round me have been getting bitten up.

It all comes right down to the scent for them. Increasing your vitmain B1 (thiamine) consumption causes you to scent much less interesting to mosquitoes. B1 makes you scent a bit ‘yeasty’ as odd because it sounds and this isn’t interesting to mosquitoes.

Vitamin B1 is within the following meals:

1. Macadamia Nuts
2. Pistachios
3. Brazil Nuts
4. Pecans
5. Cashews
6. Trout Fish
7. Salmon Fish
8. Green Peas
9. Navy Beans
10. Black Beans
11. Pinto Beans
12. Sunflower Seeds
13. Cooked Asparagus
14. Kale

These are a number of the richest sources of vitamin B1 (thiamine) on this planet. Eating these through the summer time months will be sure that your physique has a greater thiamine reserve. This will trigger you to repel mosquitoes higher naturally with none bug repellent. What’s higher than maintaining a healthy diet entire meals that help your well being and vitality and avoiding a bug spray expense fully?

Vitamin B1, also referred to as thiamine or thiamin is among the B-vitamins which is crucial for offering pure power. It helps to spice up immunity, scale back stress and enhance mobile operate within the physique. It can be very essential for the nervous system. The homeostasis of the central nervous system wants B1 to operate nicely.

If you wish to give this a shot merely take 100 mg of vitamin b1 each day for two weeks and also you’ll discover much less mosquitoes bugging you. You can get a liquid vitamin b1 (thiamine) complement on amazon to make sure you have sufficient b1 in your physique by clicking right here.

Remember that there are all pure plant chemical substances (phytochemicals) often called important oils which repel bugs (together with mosquitoes) additionally.

Tea tree oil, lavender oil, rose and geranium oil all repel mosquitoes. If you’re taking a mixture of your favourite mosquito repelling important oils and apply them topically to your pores and skin both by a sprig bottle or massaging in with coconut oil then this will repel mosquitoes additionally. I get my important oils from Omica Organics or Doterra. Omica Organics has licensed natural lavender important oil. If you Inbox me on fb by clicking right here i’ll ship you a 10% off coupon to order their merchandise/important oils! It works in your total order.

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