To Beat The Heat, This Ahmedabad Resident Has Coated Her Car With Cow Dung

Ahmedabad: As summer is becoming too hot to handle with the rising temperatures, people are coming up with different ideas to stay cool. Commuting in a car without a good air conditioner is unbearable as temperatures hover above 40 degree Celsius. An Ahmedabad resident came up with a new idea to keep her car cool in the hot season.

Jumper caught a mosquito on my screen [OC][1492x1080]The woman came up with an innovative jugaad to beat the heat this summer. She coated her car completely with cow dung. Photos of the ‘cooling hack’ have gone viral on social media.

Rupesh Gauranga Das, while sharing the photos on Facebook, said, “Best use of cow dung I have ever seen.” He added, “To counter 45 degrees heat temperatures and protect the car from getting hot Mrs Sejal Shah has plastered her car with cow dung. Getting cool.” Das said that the photos were clicked in Ahmedabad.

While many social media users found the idea “innovative”, others wondered how the car’s owners were dealing with the odour of cow dung.

Applying cow dung on floor and walls is a traditional practice in rural India. Coating walls and floors with cow dung makes the structures remain warm in winters and cold in summers. Cow dung is also used as a natural disinfectant and mosquito repellent.

Various leaders have claimed that cow urine and dung have several benefits. Many products including floor cleaners using urine have been launched.

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