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xiaomi bcase dshj-l-007 rocket mosquito killer usb electric photocatalyst mosquito repellent insect killer baby insect mosquito killer lamp trap uv light at Banggood ₩26,644 16% XIAOMI Bcase DSHJ-L-007 Rocket Mosquito Killer USB Electric Photocatalyst Mosquito Repellent Insect Killer Baby Insect Mosquito Killer Lamp Trap UV Light Baby Kids & Mother Care from Home and Garden on - 웹Let me begin by saying, mosquitoes LOVE me. My blood should style just like the best champagne as a result of simply going exterior, the little buggers scramble to feast on me! My son seems to have inherited this trait as simply the opposite day, he obtained a mosquito chunk proper in the course of his brow that ended with an enormous welt. I do not like the concept of spraying down my son with dangerous chemical substances, however how do I maintain his curious fingers off a citronella candle? Enter the genius design of Twist-It Mosquito Repeller!

Mosquito Bay, Puerto RicoThis product is a Citronella primarily based mosquito repeller in a really distinctive form! It is designed to twist and wrap round a stroller deal with, umbrella, and even grasp from a tent. This retains it out of kiddo fingers, and firmly connected to a location that might be only in repelling the blood suckers. Citronella works by masking your scent and making you scent like every other plant or flower. (Mosquitoes hate flowers!)

I liked that we might twist this across the chair we had been sitting in, and on the wagon that we took a stroll across the neighborhood in. It was very efficient and I’m actually excited to maintain a couple of of those round for once we play exterior! I plan on leaving some at grandpa’s home so he can twist it across the swing he has hanging from a tree! What an nice design!

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