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We are using an on a regular basis product to create influence ranging from the core of the issue. According to Uganda’s Ministry of Health (MOH), Malaria is probably the most incessantly reported illness at each private and non-private well being amenities. Clinically identified malaria is the main reason behind morbidity and mortality accounting for 30-50% of outpatient visits at well being amenities, 15-20% of all hospital admissions and as much as 20% of all hospital deaths. MOH additionally says that 27.2% of inpatient deaths amongst youngsters underneath the age of 5 are on account of malaria.

Despite the problem introduced by malaria, the Ugandan authorities has made important progress in distributing mosquito nets, the one preventative measure utilized by many households. Nevertheless, this has not been 100% environment friendly as some households must make important behavioural modifications to make use of them.

However, cleaning soap is an on a regular basis product utilized by many households. We produce an natural long-lasting mosquito repellent cleaning soap that helps moms in rural communities with youngsters under the age of 5 to forestall mosquito bites. Our cleaning soap is bought to moms on the similar worth as bizarre cleaning soap. Clearly, we’re leveraging an on a regular basis client product to battle malaria. This, hundreds can testify.

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