Victor Havahart Safer Products, Safer Brand, Dr T’s Mosquito Repellents

MosquitoWoodstream Corp has been a number one producer or rodent management, wildlife management, garden and backyard merchandise, and wild chicken feeding merchandise. We carry their Victor model, Havahart manufacturers, Safer manufacturers, and Dr. T manufacturers.

– Victor Tin Cat Glue Boards (M309) For Tin Cats -1 Bx

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Victor Ultimate Flea Trap Refill Discs – Pack of three

Victor Power Trap M144

– Havahart Live Animal Cage Trap – Model 1078

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Victor Tin Cat Glue Boards & Tin Cat Complete Mouse Trap Kit

Victor Tri Kill Mouse Trap – M944

– Victor Mouse Snap Trap M325

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Havahart Live Mouse Trap #1020

Victor Tin Cat Mouse Trap

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– Victor Rat Trap Pro – M326

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Clothes Moth Alert Trap-Safer Brand 07270-1 Box

Victor Out O Sight Mole Trap

– Havahart #1025

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Havahart 1077 Live Animal Cage Trap

Havahart #1079 – Raccoon Trap

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Victor Brand Products

Victor model rat and mice traps has been a well-known model since 1890. Victor additionally has flea traps and fly traps. It was first available on the market within the spring based mostly mouse traps. We carry Victor rat and mice snap traps, Victor Tin Cat Glue Boards, Victor Tin Cat Live Traps, Victor Power Kill Mouse Traps, Victor Kill and Seal Mouse Traps, Victor Flea Traps, and Victor Fly Magnet Traps

Havahart Brands

Woodstream manufactures the Havahart model. The Havahart stay traps are a humane approach to lure wild life and rodents. We carry Havahart 1079, Havahart 1082 , Havahart 1085, Havahart 1025, Havahart 1077 and Havahart 1078.

Safer Brands

Just because the identify implies, Safer manufacturers are an natural method to pest and plant management. We carry Safer Pantry Pest Traps and Clothes Moth Alert Traps.

Dr T Animal Repellents

The Dr T model of animal repellents are fabricated from all pure components. We carry Dr. T’s Snake Away and Dr T’s Mosquito Repellents.

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