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Q: As a lot as I like summer season, I don’t like mosquitoes, and I’m already dreading the bites. Is there something pure I can do to make myself much less fascinating to them?

Trolling mosquitoA: B1, also referred to as thiamine, can undoubtedly assist to cut back the quantity of mosquito bites when taken in excessive doses.

ipernity: Mosquito - by C.Rayz Mosquito - 웹Vitamin B1 helps to maintain mosquitoes away as a result of when it’s excreted by the pores and skin it helps to masks the pure human odors which can be engaging to bugs. I’d advocate taking 300mg a day starting as quickly as possible- you need a while for it to construct up in your system earlier than the mosquitoes get too prevalent. The quantity of B1 in an everyday multivitamin is often not adequate to repel mosquitoes.

B1 is water soluble, which means which you can’t have an excessive amount of of it. Your physique will soak up what it wants after which excrete the remaining (that’s the motion that helps to vary the way you odor to mosquitoes).

Even with taking B1, I’d nonetheless advocate a pure insect repellent if you are going to be going locations this summer season which can be actually infested with mosquitoes. Overall, I’ve discovered B1 to be fairly efficient in lowering the quantity of mosquito bites I get in the summertime, as a result of nobody places insect repellent on each time they go outdoors throughout the summertime.

B1 is a tiny tablet, and is simply helpful, so there’s actually no cause to not attempt it this summer season!

Other advantages of B1 are its assist for nerve well being, blood stress, circulation, blood formation, digestion, and mind function- it’s additionally an ideal antioxidant. We advocate the B1 by Nature’s Plus as a result of it’s an prolonged launch system, which we actually suppose does work one of the best.

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