Wear Long-sleeved Clothes And Covered Shoes

How I feel after waking up covered in mosquito bites, and then finding the little bastard.Dengue fever is an sickness that’s just like a severe case of the flu. It is brought on by a virus carried by mosquitoes.

Mosquito netting over bedMost individuals who have dengue fever recuperate in a couple of week. Sometimes, the an infection is extra severe and infrequently it’s deadly.

You can catch dengue fever if you’re bitten by an contaminated mosquito. Dengue is present in tropical and sub-tropical international locations in Africa, Asia and South America. Most areas of Australia should not have the kind of mosquitoes that carry dengue, though outbreaks of the illness nonetheless happen in North Queensland yearly when somebody turns into contaminated abroad, then is bitten by a mosquito in Australia and that mosquito spreads the virus to others.

Dengue fever signs

Dengue is transmitted solely by mosquitoes; it isn’t transmitted straight from individual to individual.

If you’ve gotten dengue fever, you might have:

fever (gentle to incapacitating)
– ache behind the eyes
muscle and joint ache
nausea and vomiting
– swollen glands
– a rash
– bleeding nostril or gums
fatigue (feeling very drained)

These signs could also be gentle or extreme. They often seem between three and 14 days after the mosquito chew, and often final for between 2 and seven days.

There isn’t any vaccine or any particular medication to deal with dengue. People who’ve dengue fever ought to relaxation, drink loads of fluids and scale back the fever utilizing paracetamol or they need to see a physician.

Severe dengue fever signs

Severe dengue (also called dengue haemorrhagic fever) is a doubtlessly deadly complication, affecting primarily youngsters. Diagnosing it early and being handled by skilled medical doctors and nurses will increase survival.

Some individuals can get extreme dengue fever if they’ve had dengue fever earlier than.

People with extreme dengue really feel very unwell and have additional signs comparable to:

– bruising to solely minor bumps
– nostril bleeds and bleeding gums
abdomen ache
– respiration difficulties
– persistent vomiting or poo with blood in it
– confusion
– restlessness
– chilly, clammy pores and skin

This is a severe sickness and it may be deadly. If you suppose you might have dengue fever, go to your physician or hospital emergency division.


Your physician will assess you by speaking to you and analyzing you. They might order blood assessments to assist diagnose dengue fever.


There isn’t any particular remedy for dengue fever. But you may ease the signs by resting, consuming loads of fluids and taking painkillers comparable to paracetamol.

If you’ve gotten dengue fever, don’t take medicines comparable to aspirin or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication (NSAIDs), comparable to ibuprofen. These can worsen bleeding.


There isn’t any vaccine to forestall dengue fever. The greatest solution to stop it’s to keep away from being bitten by mosquitos. If somebody in your own home has dengue, it’s particularly vital to keep away from mosquito bites as mosquitoes can carry the an infection from one particular person to a different.

How to forestall mosquito bites:

– Stay inside throughout mornings and evenings when mosquitos are lively.
– Use air-conditioning and window screens; use mosquito nets within the bed room.
– Wear long-sleeved garments and lined footwear.
– Use a mosquito repellent that incorporates DEET or picaridin.
– Regularly verify and drain any nonetheless water round your own home. Mosquitos breed in nonetheless water, for instance, water in empty containers.

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