What Is WWOOFing?

Mosquito killerJust because you aren’t being paid by your WWOOF host doesn’t mean you can’t make money while you’re away. We’re living in the age of the digital nomad, so if you can edit a video, do data analysis on Excel, or anything that doesn’t require you to be in an office, why not do it somewhere beautiful that nourishes your soul, instead of the same old coffee shop?

MRW i found the mosquito that woke me up

That being said, different farms will have different Wi-Fi/connectivity options. I’m writing this article with an ethernet connection, for example. I get in touch with my friends and family the old fashioned way: a long email every week or two.

How long can I WWOOF?

Many farms have minimum stay lengths, so you’ll be hard pressed to find a WWOOF opportunity for less than a week — it is not for the casual traveler. Many stays can be weeks long, while others can run years. In fact, many WWOOFers can hack it for years straight, hopping from WWOOF to WWOOF with no plans to settle down anytime soon. You can be out on the road for as long as you like: I’m planning two months total, but who knows, I might stay away for longer.

So why not sign up for a WWOOF, buy a flight, and clear your calendar. Throw a pair of boots, some mosquito repellent, and a camera in your backpack. It’s a vast and unexplored world, you may as well see it — for next to nothing.

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